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Diseases related to office work » Degenerative diseases of the hand joints

Degenerative diseases of the hand joints:
Degenerative joint diseases of the hand area affect:
-         radiocarpal joint
-         carpometacarpal joint of the thumb
-         interphalangeal joints
Degenerative changes of the radiocarpal joint are usually caused by injuries to this area.
Changes of the carpometacarpal joint occur as a consequence of incorrect functioning of the ligaments. Even a slight ligament dysfunction leads to degeneration of the joint and reduces its mobility.
Interphalangeal joints are most often affected by degenerative changes. It is estimated that nearly 100% of the population will suffer the consequences of degenerative changes in this area after reaching a certain age. The disease is characterized by osteophytes - bony projections that emerge along joints:
-         Bouchard’s nodules - in the area of proximal interphalangeal joints
-         Heberden’s nodules -  affecting distal interphalangeal joints and are the first to appear
These nodules are not painful to the touch. 
In everyday work one should remember to:
-         avoid overloading the hands
-         ensure correct support for the hand by using ergonomic furniture, mouse and keyboard pads
-         create appropriate conditions for rest and relaxation
Degenerative changes of the hand may be accompanied by pain and reduced mobility, which significantly impairs its functions.
The hand is an invaluable tool enabling us to perform our daily activities, and as such it should be looked after properly, because every dysfunction of the hand will make life very difficult.
Prepared for the help service www.zdrowebiuro.pl
By Grzegorz Orlof from the help service www.aktywnaprzerwa.pl

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