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One way to win in the business world is to organize meetings and negotiations within one's own office - everyone feels stronger on his own turf. What can be done to feel well and healthy in the office?...
Legal regulations ensure that health and safety issues are included among the most important duties of an employer. Violation of these duties is an offence and is punishable by a fine. These are not all the possible consequences for an employer...
As many as 67 percent of all employees sit incorrectly, i.e. without any contact with a backrest, sitting on the edge of their chairs, with tucked legs, or without any comfortable footrest. Do you know what the consequences of this are for the spine?
A precursor to the science
of ergonomics was
a Pole, Professor
Wojciech Bogumił
He formulated
hisfirst definition
in 1987. Nowadays,
ergonomics is to be
found in every sphere of life...
How to choose a good chair?
Did you know that a man sits 13 hours per day? Within our entire occupational life that is 80,000 hours! For most of the time we sit incorrectly. As a result we feel pain in different parts of our body. How to combat it? ... »
Ergonomics at the office
Did you know that ergonomics of the work-place has an impact on effectiveness and productivity, costs of absenteeism, work atmosphere and motivation of employees? ... »
Regulations concerning office furniture
Can the height of the desks in your office be adjusted? Does the monitor stand below the line of vision? Do the backrest of your chair lean by 30 degrees backwards? These issues are governed by Polish law... »
Take good care of your personnel as an employer!
    The rapid growth of the economy and the decrease in the unemployment rate is forcing employers to rethink how they keep their employees and to focus on seizing every opportunity for further development... »
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